Your Rights as a Customer


Telephone companies are prohibited by law from switching you from one telephone service provider to another without your permission, a practice commonly known as “slamming.”


If you have been slammed, you can change your service immediately back to your original provider by calling your authorized telecommunications provider (your original provider) and advising the company that you have been switched from its service without appropriate authorization. You should also report the slam by writing or calling the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Consumer Services Division, 2101 N.Lincoln Boulevard, P.O. Box 52000-2000, Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2000. Contact telephone numbers are 1-800-522-8154 or 405-521-2211.


You can prevent slamming by requesting a preferred telephone company freeze from your current service provider. With a freeze in place, you must give formal consent to “lift” the freeze before your phone service can be changed. A freeze may apply to local toll service, long distance service, or both.

900 Billing Error Rights

Under the FCC rules, your telephone service cannot be disconnected or interrupted as a result of your failure to pay pay-per-call or similar service charges. However, it is important that you notify Oklatel in writing of any billing error so that we, or your long distance company, can respond. It is important that Oklatel receive proper information to process the billing error notice. Contact the Oklatel business office at 918-656-3233 for correct billing error notice procedures.

You have the right to withhold payment, and any action to collect any disputed amount for pay-per-call services will be suspended pending completion of the billing review.
You should not be billed for pay-per-call services not offered in compliance with Federal laws and regulations.  All undisputed amounts are payable upon receipt, and failure to pay the amount determined not to have been the result of a billing error may subject you to a collection action.  Your access to 900 services may be involuntarily blocked for failure to pay any legitimate pay-per-call charges.