Customer Service


For many years, Oklatel Communications, Inc. has been offering telecommunications services to its many customers in the Council Hill, Dustin, Hanna, Hitchita, Indianola, and Scipio areas. These services include telephone and internet service at low, competitive prices.

Call our customer service representatives at 918-656-3233 for more information on services that meet your needs.


For your convenience, click on the link above to view and/or pay your Oklatel bill online. Set up instructions are listed below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign up to access our Self Service site.”
  3. Enter Account Number located on your bill.
  4. Enter Last Name or Business Name.
  5. Enter Email Address.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Choose Security Question 1.
  8. Enter answer for Security Question 1.
  9. Choose Security Question 2.
  10. Enter answer for Security Question 2.
  11. Enter characters in the security box.
  12. Click to accept Terms and Conditions.
  13. Click Submit.
  14. “Congratulations!” page will be displayed when registration is successful.
  15. Before clicking the Login button, check your email from for your temporary password.
  16. Email address should be displayed. If not, re-type your email address.
  17. Enter temporary password.
  18. Click Login.
  19. Email address should be displayed on “Change Your Password” page. If not, re-type your email address.
  20. Type your new, changed password.
  21. Re-type and confirm the new password.
  22. Click Submit.
  23. Answer the question, “Would you like to turn off paper bills?”
  24. Click Submit.
  25. Set up the required Security Passphrase and click “Save.”
  26. Click orange “Make Payment” button to pay bill online. Once payment is made, click “Log Out” in the top right hand corner.

Payment Options – Telephone/Internet

In addition to paying online, Oklatel customers have several other convenient payment options when it comes to paying their Oklatel monthly telephone/internet bill. Please see the choices below.


To make a payment in person, bring your payment by Oklatel’s business office located at:

26 N. Otis Ave.
Dustin, OK 74839


Take the worry out of remembering to pay each month by putting your Oklatel bill on automatic bank draft. A voided check with the checking account and bank routing number, plus the account’s authorized signature is all that’s needed to get this free payment option started. Simple and easy.


If paying by mail, mail check or money order along with detachable portion of the face page of your bill to:

Oklatel Communications, Inc.
P.O Box 390600
Dustin, OK 74839
(An additional charge will be incurred for returned checks.)


Customers wanting to use a debit/credit card to make a payment on their Oklatel account can call 918-656-3233 with the payment amount and card information.


The payment due date is located at the top of your Oklatel bill and is considered past due if not paid before that date. Payment facilities are available at the Dustin office for customers making payments after normal business hours.

If payment is not received by the due date, or you do not meet mutually agreed upon payment arrangements, your telephone service may be disconnected. If disconnection occurs, payment of all past due charges may be required before service can be reconnected, and you will be charged a reconnect fee. Also, you may be asked to pay a deposit.

If you have any questionable charges on your bill, call our business office and speak to a customer service representative. Explain the possible errors to the representative. If the error cannot be resolved, please pay the undisputed charges by the due date so you will maintain a good payment record while the problem is being investigated.