Directory Assistance

Oklatel continually strives to provide its customers quality phone service that offers enhanced features and competitive high speed broadband. To accomplish this, enhancing Oklatel’s network with fiber optics is a step-by-step goal aggressively being met, even to the extent of expanding some services into neighboring areas.

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Directory Assistance

Toll Free Calls

You can call free to telephone numbers which are preceded by area code “800” or “888.” Dial “800” or “888” numbers direct. A separate Centralized Information Center is maintained for all “800” or “888” area code numbers and may be reached by dialing as you would for any long distance directory assistance call:
1 + 800 + 555 + 1212 or 1 + 888 + 555 + 1212.

Local Directory Assistance

Call……………1 + 411

Long Distance Directory Assistance

Call……………1 + Area Code + 555 + 1212

Operator-Assisted Dialing

Operator-assisted calls include collect or person-to-person calls, calls charged to a calling card, or calls placed from coin phones or from hotel guest phones. Operator surcharges may be added to calls dialed by the operator.