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Residential Internet

DSL Broadband

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Up to 10 Mb


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Up to 25 Mb

DSL Broadband

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Up to 15 Mb
Broadband plans above 15 Mb receive a $20 monthly credit when bundled with a phone line.
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Connections That Matter

We’ve got plans to keep you connected whether in the field or in town.

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Internet for Businesses

Only available in Dustin, Hitchita, Council Hill, Hanna, Indianola, and Wainwright

25 Mb Broadband

Light internet use
Several devices

15 Mb Broadband

Very light internet use
Single device

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Connect Assist

Without Connect Assist, current service charges are minimum $60 for each service call plus $90 per hour. Add Connect Assist when technical assistance is required.

Add Connect Assist for only

Get a Support Plan

Our support plans offer protection and security whether you are at home or on the go, including world-class security, personal data backup, and enhanced privacy features.

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