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Long Distance

Flat Rate

A Flat Rate calling plan is automatically selected for customers choosing Comanche County Long Distance as their long distance carrier. This plan includes 60 minutes of long distance calling for just $3.85 per month. All long distance usage exceeding 60 minutes will be rated at 11¢ per minute. Customers in need of more minutes may select either the 8-Hour or 16-Hour Calling Plans.

*Rates apply to calls made at any time to any place in the continental U.S. only. Price does not include taxes.

8-Hour or 16-Hour Calling Plans

Comanche County Long Distance offers two additional long distance calling plans – 8-Hour or 16-Hour. The 8-Hour Calling Plan plan provides up to eight hours (480 minutes) of long distance calling from your home phone for an additional $14.95* per month. The 16-Hour Calling Plan provides up to 16 hours (960 minutes) of long distance calling from your home phone for an additional $24.95* per month. Long distance usage exceeding the allotted minutes will be charged $3.00 per hour.

*Price does not include taxes.

Call anywhere in the United States, anytime, each month, for up to eight or 16 hours – great long distance plans at super competitive prices!

For additional information on the 8-Hour or 16-Hour Calling Plans, give Comanche County Long Distance a call today!

International Calling

Please click on the link below to obtain instructions on making international long distance calls. Rates and applicable fees will vary depending on the long distance carrier chosen by the customer.

800 Numbers

$25.00 installation fee

$5.00 monthly fee

15 ¢ per minute

Can transfer existing 800 number to our service without changing the numbers.

Per-line or per-call blocking does not prevent transmission of your telephone number when you can call a company using an 800, 888, or 900 number. Therefore, your number may be available to that company’s service representative before your call is answered.

Dialing Instructions

You can dial your own station-to-station long distance calls without incurring operator surcharge, with Direct Distance Dialing (DDD). The key to placing DDD calls is the 3-digit Area Code of the location you are calling.

Station-To-Station Within the U.S.
Dial…………………………1 + Area Code + Telephone number

Station-To-Station International
Dial…………………………011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone number

Long Distance Company Calls
For calls made to exchanges outside your local calling area, you must use another long distance company. Many different long distance companies offer their services to Oklatel. If you wish to change your chosen long distance company, you may do so by contacting the long distance company you prefer. There is a charge for changing long distance companies. You must contact the long distance company to establish an account.
You may access the long distance company you have selected simply by dialing “1” plus the telephone number or “0” plus the telephone number for any call to an exchange outside your local calling area. These calls may appear on your monthly telephone bill as your long distance company’s calls, or your long distance company may send you a separate bill for long distance calls. A list of long distance companies available to Oklatel customers may be obtained by contacting our business office. Questions regarding these companies’ rates and service can be obtained by contacting the long distance companies directly.

Using Other Long Distance Companies:
You may also make calls using a long distance company other that the one you have selected to handle your 1 + and 0 + calls by dialing the appropriate seven-digit access code (1010XXX) for that company. You must establish an account with each long distance company you wish to use. Each long distance company can supply you with its seven-digit access code.

Additional Information

For More Information Call (254) 893-7000 or 1-800-627-2253

Comanche County Long Distance’s CIC and ACNA Codes as provided by Bellcore are:
CIC 0197

Having trouble receiving long distance calls?
Has anyone had trouble calling you in recent days? If so, rest assured you are not the only one. This trouble seems to be happening far too often across the entire nation. So, what’s the problem?

Advanced networks which are used to carry the majority of calls between large cities can sometimes create software interconnection issues that could affect call routing, especially if the advanced networks do not have their own directly connected circuits but hand off to another long distance carrier. This scenario, unfortunately, is prevalent and most common to rural areas. Because the call never reaches the called party’s network, there is not an opportunity to look at the call path and make any kind of resolution from the called end.

The FCC is aware of this issue and has demanded carriers have a network in place that can handle all calls with quality. Also, the FCC is trying to collect information as to which carriers have problems and when call completion issues arise. If this situation does happen, you can file a customer complaint report here or call the FCC at 1-888-225-5322.

Completing the report or making the phone call to the FCC is best when made by the calling party (individual who placed the call). However, either the calling or called person(s) may file the complaint so long as the long distance carrier of the calling party is known.

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